Special order book experts

If you thought turning the page of a book was a lost ability…think again.  The death of local bookstores is much exagerated!  In fact they are needed even more today as readers become more aware of authors, titles and subjects that they would like to pursue.

Our brick and mortar bookstore is small, with shelf space for limited titles, but our reach is far.  50% of our book sales are from special orders.  Bookclubs, individuals and businesses that request specific titles or topics are our specialty! We utilize a network of book distributors to obtain titles often in 2-3 working days.

Yet, our extensive children’s selection cannot be matched in Central Illinois.  The illustrations and variety of titles in Children’s books is vast. We maintain over 300 titles in stock.

Check us out, our expert staff would love to assist you.  Contact them at: 217.429.4374 or by email at: